Bath Bomb Kits

DIY Bath Bomb Kits

Looking for an Amazing Bath Bomb Kits?

All it takes to make delicately scented tablets is a little mixing, some gradual spritzing, and a few minutes of moulding you will have your own DIY bath bomb kits.

When you’re finished you’ll have loads of amazing Bath Bomb treats in a variety of shapes and colours that will scent and soften your bath water as they bubble.

Stuff stockings with cellophane bags supplied by Bath Bomb Kits filled with stacks of the colourful balls or hearts. They make great gifts for all the ladies on your list, including mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and grown-up nieces.

Experiment with colours and scents; mix yellow and red to make orange, for example, and try blending lemon with lavender, amazing.

At Bath Bomb Kits you can choose two different fragrances, of your Choice.  Also various petals will be supplied with the kit and Custom labels!

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